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 This is a new start on a path that I have been traveling down for a long time.  I know that is a contradictory statement, but it describes what I am doing perfectly.  Everything I do in life is punctuated by my Type One Diabetes.  It is so many things to me.  It nags me mostly, but it also motivates me as nothing else would dare, with such tenacity.  It scares the living daylights out of me on a regular basis while also affording me the opportunity to call candy and sweets “medicine.”  It sucks my money right out of my checking account while filling my life with the most valuable people I could ever hope to meet or internet-know.

I love to hate my diabetes.  What can I say?

It is an ironic condition. The very drug that saves my life has almost killed me many times.  If I do not laugh at that fact, I’ll cry and probably never stop, so I laugh right in its face and fight back by trying to help as many people as possible make as much sense as can be made of it.  This blog is the reply to so many questions that have been raised in the support group on Facebook that I help to admin with another incredible Type One Diabetic woman.  There are so many issues we face and it just seems like the logical thing to do was to compile what I could find and put it here.  I want to make sure that no one is alone with this disease and no one has to look too hard to find answers to their questions about Type One Diabetes and how to manage it, cope with it emotionally, and be supportive of people who have diabetes for family and friends.

Thankfully, I don’t travel this path alone and I welcome everyone who has to deal with this disease to read, share, comment, and know that with Type One Diabetes, there is a community that genuinely wants to see you be well, thrive, and be happy…not merely survive.

One comment on “Starting the Blog…

  1. I am not a type 1 diabetic, but live with this disease on a daily basis. I am the mother to a teenage boy with type 1. Everything you said is true for me as well. My son handles His diabetes with grace and a grain of salt. One would think That I should be happy and content with that, but (I am the mother)….and so I allow my son to be a kid, and I suffer the stress. I pray everyday that God would give my son the grace he needs to deal with everything and me the strength to allow him to. As he is well on his way to being an adult.
    The letter to Drs at the beginning of this blog is a very good idea! I think though that it needs to be expanded to include a few more symptoms. My son at dx had a blood sugar of 747, but had no vomiting or stomach pains, within the few weeks that he was exhibiting other symptoms. The symptoms he had at first were (to me) vague. I didn’t realize that he was losing weight, because he wore long pants, ect. I think before passing it on, I will add: unexplained weight loss, extreme thirst, excess urination, loss of energy, no motivation to do normal daily activities, easily fatigued. I know some of these symptoms could have other causes, but a simple blood test to rule out type 1 diabetes, is easy and cheap, and could well save a life. Blessings

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